Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Star Wars Armada and guides?

So I am wondering what to do about Fantasy Flight games and it's upcoming Star Wars based capital ship combat game, Star Wars Armada.  If you haven't seen it then check it the fuck out because the ships look amazing.  A version of X-Wing with capital ships has been a big ask from the community for a while now and obviously keeping the X-Wing game to scale has proven to be a thorny subject for some.  The Corellian Corvette and GR-75 transport split the community in half with their "epic scale" rules and not to scale models, so Armada is the next best thing to actually making a massive ISD model that is the length of your house.

My problem is do people want me to produce a guide series on this game while making them concurrent with the X-Wing releases.  These models ain't cheap as any fan will tell you, so trying to keep up with both might prove difficult.  This patreon thing is popular but actually expecting to pay for me to buy models to then type a guide for them is cheeky as fuck and something I wouldn't be comfortable with personally.  Don't get me wrong Armada looks fucking amazing and I will probably get the base set to see what it plays like compared to X-Wing.

So what do you folks think?  Do you want to see a new page dedicated to Armada and it's slew of incoming capital ships?  Or could you not give a flying crap?  Let me know below in the comments.  Also check out the images for the wave 1 ships that will be available on launch.


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